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Lewisham, together with Greenwich Council, have signed up to become the first Sugar Smart Borough in London. Launching this initiative with an event catered by Chartwells at PLACE/Ladywell on the 21st of October 2016.

Sugar Smart spread

A delicious Sugar Smart spread and example of a Secondary School food offer by Chartwells.

What is Sugar Smart?

High consumption of sugar leads to weight gain which in turn can increase risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Childhood obesity in Lewisham sits well above national average with almost a quarter of children leaving primary school classed as obese. Sugar Smart is a new campaign to reduce sugar in our diets by raising awareness of food and drinks with high sugar levels, by raising awarenesses of the negative health implications of sugar and by encouraging action to reduce sugar. Local organisations and businesses in Lewisham are becoming Sugar Smart by pledging to make changes that will support our community in making healthier, lower sugar choices.

Sugar Smart cert

Chartwells staff receiving their Sugar Smart certificate

What have Chartwells pledged?

Chartwells has become a Sugar Smart organisation and has made a number of pledges to promote a healthier, lower sugar Lewisham. These include:

  • Ensuring all drinks served in schools are compliant to the school food standards.
  • Providing information on healthy food e.g. posters, classroom workshops and flyers.
  • Continuing to reduce the amount of sugar on the primary and secondary school menus.




 How do I get involved?

Local businesses can sign up to be Sugar Smart by making at least three simple pledges before receiving a certificate. These could be promoting drinking water, running promotions on healthier options, or removing unhealthy options. Why not get Sugar Smart at home too! Try swapping sugary drinks and snacks for healthier, lower sugar options – see the Sugar Smart websites below for inspiration.


There’s even a Change4Life Sugar Smart app you can download for tablets and smart phones.

sugar smart app

For more information on Sugar Smart visit


K.Betts - team

By Nutritionist Karis Betts MSc BSc